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    Post  Ikolovespucks on Tue Aug 28, 2012 8:49 pm

    A team effort between me and former forum leader Choco. My personal favorite, partially because this actually happened. Some of it. In a LARP at the beach with Choco and Smutmuffin when we were in high school. Ages ago, gods.... Hence it's not as tailored as some of the other stories. I didn't want to change a lot, even if some of it is a little OOC. No pairings in this, and it's mostly humor. Like most of the Nightlife stories I think up, it has but one purpose and the rest is fluffy and funny. Hope you love it!

    The Holy Trinity of Hotness Goes to the Beach.

    It was originally an act of kindness from Promise. We had to go to California to finish the job, the mission...the whatever we'd just been assigned. I didn't mind. The cool beach air was nice, though the cities weren't as loud and cramped as I was used to and it was harder to sink into shadows on the beach. Niko called Promise after the job was finished and she was the one who suggested it.

    Promise hadn't been able to come with us. It would be strange for her to miss the particular charity she'd sworn to attend just for a trip to California that couldn't be explained. Robin, of course, could leave at the drop of a hat, but not if he wanted to keep his job as a bloodsucker (pardon, car salesman). He used his vacation days to go with us. Of course, he bitched and moaned about it every day we were there.

    “I didn't have to do this. Can't you pups handle one stupid rokea by yourselves? A silly wereshark, for the love of Zeus, and it wasn't even in the water!! On my best day I could take three or four of them, alone.” Of course, it didn't matter a bit to his bragging that he was limping once again. “Of course, in the old days, there were many more. You had to fight them just to get to the next spot over. Did I ever tell you about the time - ”

    That many hours in the car with Robin was not something I wanted to do. I doubted Nik was willing to either. We made Goodfellow drive his own car down to the beach, where we then took care of the rokea. I was happy we didn't have to take him on in the ocean; giving that son of a bitch a turf advantage would have been really stupid. We got to kill him in an abandoned surf shop instead.

    After the dirty work was done, Nik called Promise. When he got off the phone, he gave me the good news. Really good news. His lips twitched lightly upwards in a smile, like he was expecting some big reaction from me. He got it. “Promise would like us to visit the beach while we're here, little brother.”

    “Seriously? I mean, for real?”

    “It's at her request, so I didn't see how I could refuse.”

    That wasn't true. Nik would have refused if I hadn't been here, waiting to spend a day at the beach with my big brother. Niko called Goodfellow. He didn't bother to ask if he had ever been to a Californian beach before. I could just imagine the stories we would hear if we did. I shuddered as I heard Robin's voice on the phone. He was already telling stories and we hadn't even invited him to do so...not that we needed to. I smiled, able to hear him even from three feet away. Why did he shout into the phone so much?

    “I bet you'll look great in just your bathing suit. But because you probably can't deal with the overwelming glory of seeing me in the buff...” I cringed. “...I will don my swim trunks. I will see you in fifteen minutes.” And he hung up.

    “Perhaps I shouldn't have called him,” Niko said, hanging up the phone, expression clearly annoyed.

    “Come on, Cyrano. He's dressing nice just for you,” I teased. He squinted in my direction, but didn't smack me. I guess it just wasn't cheeky enough...huh. I'd have to try harder.

    Sure enough, in fifteen minutes we were on the beach meeting Robin. We'd gone into the gas station store to get snacks and then we had to actually pick up bathing suits. That took about ten minutes. So...I was excited. Not a big deal; everyone gts excited when they go to the beach, right?

    Robin was there already. He had brought about six bottles of some sweet wine in an ice box-cooler-thingy and Niko took half of them out to add his perishable soy foods and fresh fruit. I brought beef jerky and Slim Jims and a beer (I'd had to sneak it out under Niko's nose). Robin protested strongly as Niko placed his wine on the sand.

    I snorted. “Come on, Loman. Wine? Beer, I can see. But wine, at the beach?”

    “My tastes are far more refined than you would have yourself believe, Caliban,” Robin replied. “Perhaps because you simply lack taste altogether. But because your brother looks so good with no shirt on, I will spare you the lecture on fine living.”

    “Saved my life, Cyrano,” I told Niko, and he slapped the back of my head.

    “So, shall we get in?” Niko asked us, looking at the ocean.

    “Just let me finish this one,” Robin replied, gazing out into the water and holding up his wine. "It's at just the right temperature..." He drank it.

    And another. And another. Robin may of stopped protesting that Niko moved his things, but he seemed to want to drink all the wine my brother had moved before it got hot. He still shouldn't have been drunk at this point.

    “How many have you had all together?” Niko asked Robin as he got up to go into the water.

    Without counting, he promptly replied, “Twenty-three. Had a bit before we got here.”

    “Twenty-three?” Niko said, the disbelief that even Robin would drink that much in a public place other than a bar barely showing in his voice. “Robin, don't get into the water. You're drunk.”

    “I am NOT drunk, Niko. Tipsy. Dazed at the most. This is nothing.” I agreed whole-heartedly, not that I said that out loud. Even if Robin was a little less than balanced, he could handle himself.

    Robin and I went into the water. Niko stayed on the beach, obviously his ocean-going mood had been killed by Robin's difficult ways (leave it to Loman to ruin one of the few happy spurts my brother went through). Besides, he wanted to meditate. If he used the tan lotion Robin got, I didn't see. I suspected he did though, after the lecture I got from him about skin cancer that and uv rays this. Not that I was listening. I used it in large proportions anyway. If Auphe could burn, I didn't want to know.

    Even drunk, Robin wasn't the best person to have in the water. You can only watch a puck fall down, cursing in ancient dialects, so many times before you wanted your brother to get off his high horse, haul that tofu-eating ass down the beach, and get into the water. I recruited Robin's help. Maybe he was too drunk to ask for payment, or maybe it was revenge for Niko not opting for a nudist beach instead.

    “Tired? Want some water?” Niko asked as we climbed the beach, smiling. I could see that he was tense for a fight though. Maybe our smiles were too wicked for him to feel comfortable with them.

    “Sure.” I took a drink as Robin leaped right on top of Niko. I'd always wondered who would win in a fight between them. Robin didn't practice like Niko did, but he was older by far. This wasn't the time. To drag him down the beach, both of us would need to help. Niko put Robin in a head lock and I jumped on his back.

    “Cal!” Niko warned me. I knew the result would be laps until I was dragging myself through thick, hot sand if we didn't succeed. So, against all odds, we succeeded. I pried Niko off of Robin and Robin jumped in the fight just as Niko threw me over his head onto the sand. Niko really isn't one to run away from battle, but he obviously didn't want to stick around to see what Robin and I had in store for him. Besides, he couldn't win against both of us. I wasn't the best fighter, but he had taught me himself. And Robin was a whole new animal. We ran from the Auphe because we couldn't win against so many. The same applied here.

    He headed towards the water, where the wet sand provided traction. Of course, that made it much easier for us to win, but he didn't know that. He was closer now, and Robin was faster. Years of running from half the fights you get yourself into will do that. Drunk, he was still fast. He overtook Niko in about five minutes. Had it been me he was chasing, it would have been seconds. We were far from camp at that time, but we managed to get him to the ground. The lifeguard finally spotted our attempted torture and blew a whistle. We ignored it.

    Niko struggled violently as Robin grabbed his legs and I took his arms. We lifted him. I'd never heard Niko scream, and I'd never seen him get so desperate that he tried to bite me. It was strange.

    “Ready?” Robin asked me when we stood about knee-deep in the water.

    “Ready.” I confirmed.

    “Cal, don't you dare!” Niko half-yelled. The lifeguard blew his whistle again and started to head down the beach. Sure was taking his damn time.

    “One,” Robin said, and we swung Niko once.

    And again. “Two,” I said, grinning in anticipation.

    The lifeguard started to run and blow his whistle as Robin and I reached three together. We let Niko drop at the hight of the swing. Only my brother would try to stabilize himself in this kind of situation. He actually almost did it, and the result was a strange half-cannonball as he tried to land on his feet. Robin and I grinned ear to ear as Nik hit the water and went under. The lifeguard yelled something in our direction.

    Then Robin disappeared. Just vanished. Niko had pulled him under the water. I ran for shore, abandoning my wounded comrade easily. I mean, shit. Who wouldn't? This was Niko we were talking about, and I got my ass kicked enough when he wasn't angry with me.

    But he wasn't. All I saw on Niko's face when he resurfaced to tackle me into the shallow water was a smile. Not one of those funny eyebrow raises or amused curling of his lips that usually substituted for a smile on Niko's face, but a real smile. Full and laughing. The kind that reach the eyes. I went down easily.

    When I came back up, Niko was combing his hair out of his face with his fingers and assuring the lifeguard that it wouldn't happen again and he would talk to us, and Goodfellow was gasping for air and struggling to remain upright. The lifeguard disappeared, shaking his head.

    Robin and I laughed, and Niko's smile was still lingering on his face. A long smile for him. For a minute, the perfect day seemed to be suspended in time. If Faust had ever found his perfect moment, this would have been what it felt like. Robin was actually having fun at a place that had apparently been ten times the place it was now a few centuries ago and Niko was practically laughing.

    We spent the rest of the day in the water. A few times we returned to camp to redo the lotion and get a drink, Nik and I of water (he'd poured my beer out on the sand as revenge), and Robin of wine. But we always returned, despite an increasingly unstable puck on our hands.

    That Robin ended up hanging on Niko in order to not drown just made the day better. I was never going to let this one go. Each time he stablized himself, Robin would return to deeper water, shouting out to the ocean, “Is that the best you can do? Come on! Gama mou! Gama mou, you stupid mass of water!” Once, he turned to us just as a large wave began to well up behind him. Niko and I looked at each other and silently agreed. Let the dumbass drown.

    "You know, in the old days, the waves were so big, you put your life in your hands to step into the water. They were their own tsumanis. They would crush you in an instant. One minute you would be standing, and the nex - ” The wave hit him.

    Niko and I went under it, and it still carried us back. Niko only went about an inch, while I tumbled backwards three feet. Robin practically reached the shore. I laughed at him as he tried to recover on the wet sand, having walked no more than two feet. Of course, I almost drowned because Nik and I were still out in the deep water, where you actually had to swim to survive.

    Robin joined us again and we stayed there until the guard called us back. We were out of the water as the beach was closing, reluctant to leave. We packed up and said our goodbyes, but we still had to wait for Robin. He had insisted he was ready to leave when still tipsy, and we really couldn't let him get pulled over and held in a California jail. We needed to get him back by morning. Fortunately for us, he was fine by midnight, and we headed to the airport that would take us home. We wouldn't get there until the next day, and I slept in the front seat of the rental car while Niko drove us to LAX (hey, every second counts). Robin was apparently there at the airport before us, but I do faintly remember him passing us on the way there and honking his horn in gloating amusement. I also vaguely recall Niko chuckling coldly as we passed Goodfellow and the cop who had pegged him for speeding.

    Niko hadn't bothered to wake me again until we were home in New York City (How I got on the plane remains a mystery). It was day, I guess, but it didn't really register in my foggy mind as I stumbled up to bed, as beat as if I had fought an army of sirrush, but much more satisfied.

    Niko stayed up, I think, and even went to class. I couldn't skip work because Ishiah already knew I was back, but I still didn't have to get up until about three. So, the beach wasn't quite as draining as opening a gate. Not quite.

    Robin stopped by the bar that night. He didn't drink, not even a drop. I eyed him suspiciously after about thirty minutes of him sitting at the bar, practically acting like a boy scout. “What do you want if not wine, scotch, or brandy, Loman?” I asked him.

    He fixed me with a serious look I hadn't seen from him since we talked about Pompei a few years back. I could tell he was a little embarrassed, though, and it reminded me of the conversation we had had after the fight with the sirrush. I quirked an eyebrow slightly before I realized just how much the day at the beach had meant to him. Poor lonely bastard.

    “I wanted to thank you. You and Niko. For, you know...everything,” he said. "California was...well, gods, I felt like I was only ten thousand again."

    "Come on, Loman, it was some after-work messing around. Have some scotch and start smiling like the perverted jackass you really are."

    I reached for a bottle, but Robin siezed my wrist. "I'm not joking, Cal. The last time I got to wrestle someone into the ocean when I wasn't thinking about getting down their pants...well, it was a long time ago, okay? I forgot how much fun it could be."

    I'll admit, I felt a little skeptical. "You're lying."

    Those green eyes burned into mine, and I stiffened. Robin said seriously, "Part of what makes life so rich is the people you spend it with. And the longer you spend with them, the more they add to the wealth of your ages." He stood and turned his back. "And yesterday...you two made me a wealthy man."

    Holy shit, that was deep. Way deeper than the whole 'years in your life, life in your years' thing. “Yeah.” You think I could say something more profound in such a situation with someone so old. Especially in a situation that reminded me so strongly that Robin was lonely. Lonely and alone.

    Except for me and Niko.

    He began walking without another word and headed out of the door. Ishiah was smiling when I turned around.

    I'd never seen Ishiah smile before.

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