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    Trickster Series: Only if You Want


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    Trickster Series: Only if You Want

    Post  Ikolovespucks on Tue Aug 28, 2012 7:52 pm

    PG Zeke/Griffin, Trickster Series. Written Pre-Grimrose Path, story takes place pre-TOTL

    Taking what isn't yours isn't right. It. Isn't. Right. But if a life is being waisted, it's yours to take. Like Demon lives. Or theives. Or murderers. Waisted lives. A lot of things are mine to take. A lot of lives are mine to take. People who waist their lives are mine.

    But Griffin... isn't mine. I consider Griffin to be a lot of things. He's my protector, and my guardian, my consious, and my safety, but he isn't mine. I belong to him.

    Watching him at a short distance, I can't help but notice all the wonderful things about Griff in a big way. His blue eyes, staring slightly unfixed at the television screen, are clear and beautiful. The way he lounges on the couch is realaxed and sweet, but tough. That is exactly as I see him. Tough love, I guess.

    I like it, so I step forward, admiring Griffin's body to the point of obsession. I have never had any problems with my love for Griffin. Being with him is easy.

    Griffin notices my stare eventually. Looking up at me, he shifts slightly. “What? Something wrong?”

    “What should I do?” I ask him. I like it when he just tells me. It's easier.

    He smiles. Everything is clean in the house, just like he likes it, so he motions for me to come over to him. “Come sit with me. Watch some TV.” He says.

    It's a good idea, but then all of Griff's ideas are pretty much good. I sit next to him on the luxerous couch, which is so large it might as well be Griffin's queen-sized bed that sits in the next room, but I keep looking over at him. Finaly I lean in and let my head rest on his shoulder. He doesn't seem to mind, so I shift a little closer and close my eyes. It's very comfortable, giving me a warm sort of feeling I couldn't describe if I tried. But it drives me to lay into Griff's lap and take his hands.

    He looks down at me. “What are you doing?”

    I stare up at him. “I'm....I don't know.” I feel confused for a minute, but I push it from my mind. It doesn't matter.

    “Ok.” Griffin looks slightly amused by me for some reason. My heart skips a beat- why? Why? I dismiss the curiousity again. I let instinct take over instead. Griffin has been trying to get me to do that more anyway.

    Leaning up, I sheild the TV from view as I plant a kiss on Griffin's cheek, extreamly close to the mouth, and suddenly I feel I should give him a kiss on the mouth. Why not? I can see no reason. He does seem a little shocked, but not unhappy. On the contrary, his lips are quirked upward, as if he is secretly pleased about something.

    I move over slightly, and I can feel that Griffin is getting slightly arroused by my shifting about on his lap. Alright. That's good, I think. He loves it. I kiss him flush on the lips this time. His eyes close. I kiss him again, longer this time. He smiles. But he still hasn't told me it's alright. Should I stop?

    Before I can tell what's happening, my arms are around his neck, pulling him into me. I've readjusted my body so I am clenching his waist between my legs. We are symetric to the couch, laying so that it might be a bed. Hm. I don't remember moving....but I am kissing him feircely, my eyes closed, greatly enjoying his company...far more than I ever have. That's a compliment. I've always loved Griffin's company.

    “Zeke, stop- stop.”

    I wake up slightly, and Griffin is holding me back now. I try to push the confusion I feel away, but I have to ask. “What? Wrong?”

    “No!” Griffin says automatically, with the air of someone who was afraid to offend. Griffin was never afraid to offend before, and that confuses me...He sighs. “No, Zeke....” He thinks for a while. “It isn't wrong as long as you chose it. This is one of those things that I can not make you decided on. I can't make this decision.”

    I swallowed. Hm. Then how will I make it?

    “You have to choose it Zeke. I just want to mke sure that you...really do like me...uh...that way.”

    “What way?”

    “Uh, the sexual way?” That sounds more like a question than a statement. “Or the boyfriend kind of way.”

    “I do.” I said truthfully. “You don't?” I began to get off of him, a bit hurt, but fine. Griffin makes all of the decisions. His choices are the right ones, even if my impusle, which is so often wrong, thinks differently.

    He grabs my hand and closes his eyes. “No, I do. I really...really do.” He adds for empasis. I stare at him. What is he trying to tell me? “I just...I want you to choose, Zeke.”

    Wasn't I the one straddling him? Didn't I start this off? I knew what I wanted. “You know you want this?” I confirmed. “for us?”

    “Yes, but Zeke this isn't about me at all!”

    “Yes, it is. If you don't want it, it's wrong to force you isn't it?”

    “I only want it if you want it, Zeke!” he insists, but I don't understand it.

    “But aren't I the one on top of you?” I am very confused. I just don't see the problem. If I didn't want Griffin to be mine, why would I be on top of him, kissing him? I have been Griffin's for so long, can't I want him to be mine as well?

    He paused. “Uh, yeah. Yeah, you are.”

    “Why would I be on top of you if I didn't want to be?” I was getting frustrated now. What was he talking about? It was all so confusing until he huged me, pulling me down on top of his chest again, scooting back once more so I can lay comfortably against him, with Griffin supporting my weight.

    “Okay, don't get annoyed with me.” Griffin said, and I relaxed. “I have wanted this it's just...I can't choose who you like or...love. I wanted to let you decide. So...you've decided?”

    “Yeah.” Was all I thought to say. It's stange to see Griffin hestitant, needing reasurance, just like I do.

    Griffin nodded, and suddenly our positions were reversed as he pushed me off of him and straddled me instead. “But I can decide who's on the bottom, and it isnt going to be me.”

    “But I don't want to be on bottom Griff.” I complained. “I straddled you first.”

    “I'm not bottom material.” He said.

    “But I'm taller!” I protested automatically.

    “And I'm...in charge.” And he began to kiss me. I'm sure that's mostly because he didn't want me to answer him on that one. He just put me in charge, didn't he?

    I was going to tell him how unfair it was that he was abusing the power, but I decided against it. I mean, the kiss...it was so good. I couldn't stop and finally I just forgot what I had been willing to say. It was so comfortable. Why was he always so comfortable?

    We broke apart and, panting hard, clung to each other. Griff cleared his throat and, awkwardly, whispered in my ear “Iloveyou.” like it was all one word.

    I smiled. I couldn't help it. He was trying to be so tough about it. “I love you.” I whispered back. Now we belong to each other. I am Griffin's, and now Griffin is mine.

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