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    Post  Ikolovespucks on Tue Aug 28, 2012 7:50 pm

    It's perfectly unrealistic. This would never happen, ever. So I also don't know when it would have happened if it was possible....It's George and Cal so if you don't care for George or that pairing, you might skip reading it. Like my other fiction, it's mostly fun stuff with only one main point. The point is, in my opinion, GeorgeCal forever! Yah! Hope you like it. ^.^

    Written pre-Deadwish

    Car Trip by Iko Loves Pucks

    Some people actually like car trips. Personally, I hate them. I hate every minute of almost every car trip I've ever been on. Running from your family in cars for years will do that, I guess.

    I don't drive. Actually, Niko doesn't let me drive. He says I'm a danger to mankind behind the wheel. Which isn't true. I'm just a danger to anyone in my way. Or anything, in the only case I ever drove.

    I really hate car trips when they involve someone besides Niko. Maybe it's because Niko is quiet. He's never been a big talker. Maybe because Niko doesn't flirt shamelessly with me or himself. Maybe because Niko doesn't fight with everyone else in the car. Who knows, right?

    All I knew when we were driving that stupid van down the freeway was I wanted George out of the car, and I wanted to get this job over with.

    First things first. Why was she with us? George had a stubborn side that I couldn't see even in myself. She had taken to following me literally everywhere lately. Maybe she was trying to prove that she could handle my life better than I could. Which was true, if she didn't die. But I had found out that on a battlefield, she helped herself to the visions. I can only assume she didn't have to look to see enemies flying at her because I knew she wouldn't do that, she said she wouldn't do that, not even to protect herself! But I also knew you don't miraculously leap out of the way seconds before a werewolf collides into the trash bin behind you.

    Maybe these visions come naturally to her in situations like that. I wasn't sure, but I was pretty sure. If she wanted to keep from getting killed, she would just look at what happened to us. I still couldn't avoid her. Sure, she'd look to see where I was all the time. In the evenings, job or not, she followed me. Sometimes I felt like bolting her to her chair at the ice cream shop. Where she belonged. Happy. Sucking down a strawberry ice cream.

    I was having that particular feeling very strongly right now. Because she was beginning to show just how much she liked me and I was getting a little worked up in the crotch area. All she had to do was put one arm around the back seat of my chair and my neck and dangle it there. Here, take this lovely arm. Give it a few monster kisses. I don't mind.

    But I do, George. I'd tried shrugging, shoving, and removing it, but it didn't work too well. That arm was persistent. At first Niko's lips were pulled up in a silent smile. But as the trip drove on, he seemed to think everything was getting less funny.

    Robin was one of those everythings. At first he had tried to actually put his arm around Niko's shoulder too. Naturally, this didn't last long. Promise gave him a “If looks could kill....” even Niko shot him “the look” in the review mirror. “If you want that hand attached-” he began.

    “Right.” Robin removed his arm immediately. Maybe I could try that. Yah, right. I couldn't even pull of a menacing glare to the pretty ginger behind me.

    Then Robin started bickering nonstop with Promise over money, once again. “I think you should get...how about...nothing.” Promise said thoughtfully.

    “I'm not a part of your happy little partnership.” Robin said bitterly. “You have to pay me.”

    “We don't pay George.” Promise replied.

    “Please don't use me.” George cut in.

    “George doesn't fight.” Robin argued “She just happens to knock out fighters while she dodges them.”

    “Please don't use me.” George repeated.

    “Better than you can do.” Promise pointed out. “Maybe we should pay her your amount.”

    George shifted, and her arm came too close to my mouth, barring her very kissable wrist towards me. Kissable? Please. I closed my eyes. “Please stop fighting.” Yeah, and her voice could still reach me in the dark.

    “HOW RUDE!”

    “Inside voice, please, Robin.” George said.

    “I do far more than dodge! I can fight off hundreds of enemies you wouldn't dream of killing!” Robin protested, dropping his voice to normal level again.

    “You would obviously rather run.” Promise said calmly.

    “Stop fighting.” George said, with more force. Almost shouting, but with an “inside voice.” They stopped, and all eyes turned to her. “Please. Thank you.” She wrapped another arm around my shoulders. I shut my eyes tighter. But it was the smell that was getting to me now. I smell sunshine.....

    “Thank you, George.” Niko said. It looked like he was getting a headache and we weren't even away from the city yet. I looked down.

    Why do you haunt me, oh beautiful wrist of the woman I....care for.

    George giggled. Damn it. I hope I didn't say that out loud. Then I realized that Robin was telling a story.

    “...So naturally the girls wanted to come too. We all loaded up in my Baroof and-”

    “You had a baroof?”

    Shit, George. I don't even know what a Baroof is.

    “Of course.” Robin said without hesitation. “I was rich even in those days. But naturally everything was much, much cheaper. And I'm not talking about how gas prices keep rising, George. I'm talking about times when a hundred dollar bill made you like a millionaire. Before the word 'millionaire' was coined, obviously. In fact, did I ever tell you about the time-”

    “Are we there yet?” I asked Niko.

    “We haven't left the city, so no. It's going to take a few hours, alright?” Niko sounded stressed.

    “Of that?” I asked, pointing in the back. My hand brushed George's on the way back. Jesus.

    “Shhh...” George said “I”m listening to Robin.”

    That got his attention. Robin perked up, obviously pleased he could find a suitable audience after all this time. George was obviously a listener. And not the kind that listened to all your problems. She listened to everything. Of course, maybe she just saw that Robin's need to tell stories about the old days was a problem. A loneliness problem. I felt bad for a second, but then I got over it.

    I needed air. I opened the window and the sent of George's skin floated right into my face. I rolled the window up again. Yeah, super-smelling, and I never hated it more.

    Niko looked at me with a raised eyebrow. “Want the air conditioner on?”

    I glared at him. Alright, it wasn't his fault. But it wasn't helping that he was teasing me about it every few seconds.

    It wasn't until we were but two minutes away that the real trouble started, though. Two whole minutes. You think I could keep it to myself. But I didn't.

    I had rolled down the window again, trying not to breath despite the fact that I rolled it down to get air in the first place. Robin had accomplished talking nonstop without drawing breath for two hours. Some feat. At one time Nik and I thought you could suffocate from an unceasing flow of words. Now I knew you were just tortured by it until you died of old age. Even worse.

    I guess Robin was at a particularly interesting point in his stories, because Georgie-Porgie shifted. Shifted enough that that tempting wrist touched my lips. And before I knew it, my lips were touching it.

    I kissed her wrist. Yeah. Just...kissed it. Or made out with it, I'm not sure which because I was lost. And when I came back, the car was quiet. 

    I can only assume that Georgie had shifted again when she felt my tongue trailing across her skin because Robin was paying just as much attention to me as she was. I think I was actually blushing. Maybe it was just the restriction in the lower section of my body, but I don't think so. Promise was smiling; I could see her in my mirror, but at least she was trying not to. Niko was staring at me, eyebrow raised. He swallowed a laugh and Robin began to whoop like a drunken college freshman. Promise nudged him. George was.....beaming. Gloriously....

    Niko parked the car with the kindness of silence, at least, and I baled out quick. I could hear Robin behind me, laughing.

    And we had two more hours to go back home. I hoped I could concentrate on the job.

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